The School Campus

The school has one of the best infrastructure set up to let our young buds flourish in all respects. A vast expanse of 2.5 acre provides a perfect ambience for an aesthetically chartered school building.

Class Rooms

Classroom is a place where the student and teacher spend a considerable amount of time discussing and sharing experiences and making it a place for knowledge sharing. At JAINS, we ensure that our classrooms are spacious with ample natural lighting and good cross-ventilation as per international standards to ensure student health and well-being.
Students are imparted education in a modern way using smart boards and white boards so that learning in the classroom is fun and engaging. Our classroom furniture is attractive, comfortable, colorful and stimulating, it is also ergonomically designed to ensure safety of students.
We also organize outdoor classes to conduct Outbound Learning Activities. Research has shown that with the use of an outdoor class, students are better engaged and motivated to learn. The main advantage of an outdoor class is that it allows children to move freely in an open space and makes learning a multi-sensory experience. By preserving a child’s innate sense of curiosity and wonder, we will foster active and engaged life-long learners.


A modern and appropriately staffed library is located in school campus.
The growing collection of books and periodical subscriptions at our library help maintain the child’s interest in supplementary knowledge and reference work. The library has more than what a student will expect and to encourage reading habits among pupil, a wide range of books, magazines, journals are provided in the library.
In addition to a fully equipped library which includes thousands of books on various subjects/topics, the school subscribes to a large number of magazines and journals to ensure that students are up to date on current affairs, development in the field of science and technology.

Dance Studio

JAINS understands the importance of overall development and believe in bringing out the creative best of its children. Performing Arts is been an integrated part of JAINS curriculum.
There is well equipped dance studio in the school building. Well trained teachers are there to help students to learn various forms of dance and music. School provides ample of opportunities to the students to illustrate their talent by performing in various organized school functions.

Music Room

We dance, we sway, We swirl, we sing.
We hum, we drum, We tap, we tune.
We feel, we love, We breathe, we live.

Music helps children learn across subjects and can help to build social and cultural values, too. Music is a part of the national curriculum for all children up to the age of 14. The aim in classes is to develop your child’s aesthetic judgment of different types of music. Children also acquire the skills, knowledge and understanding needed to make music and to follow a music-related career, should they so wish.

Art Room

Art education develops students who are self driven and motivated as they are often the toughest critics of their own work. It teaches students to learn for the experience of learning and not just for the grade. Involvement in the arts teaches students how to try new things, manage risk, and handle failure.

Care, Safety And Security

JAINS maintains a zero tolerance policy to any shortcomings in providing safety and security for people on school campus and transport facilities.

  • The CCTV Surveillance Centre monitors the activities and movements on campus round-the-clock.
  •  Trained and watchful security guards are placed across the campus.
  • All School staff are recruited after a three stage verification and reference check process
  • Strict security protocols and drills are followed on all occasions, including during events and outdoor visits.
  • Regular fire and emergency drills.
  • The entire perimeter of the campus is protected by high walls and security guards
  • Requirement for every member of the School staff to identify themselves with School ID cards and Biometric impression for entry into the campus building.


Transport is an important aspect in ensuring smooth transition of students from home to school. At JAINS, we ensure that this transit is hassle free, comfortable and secure.

  • Transportation is provided within approx 27km radius of JAINS
  • Drivers and bus staff are selected after a thorough reference check and verification process.
  • School buses have GPS system for online tracking.
  • No school bus will be over crowded. All safety norms are followed.
  • Drop Off and Pick Up will be from as close to home as possible while planning transport routes.


The school has fully equipped computer, science, mathematics, exploratory and language labs with upgraded equipments.

Computer Lab

Computer labs with computers of latest configuration complement the teaching learning process. All the machines are on Local Area Network, with an Internet facility on each machine. Students are encouraged to explore and use the Internet Facility of the Computer Centre to enhance and exchange knowledge and information across the globe. The learning environment of Computer Centre is truly friendly and congenial.

Science Lab

To develop the scientific temperament of the students, JAINS has well-equipped labs for Physics, Chemistry and Biology to assist the young Einstein. Exhibitions organized by the Science Department give ample opportunities to develop their scientific temper. All the labs are well equipped with modern tools and charts explaining the details related to models to improve teaching learning process.

Maths Lab

The Maths Lab is a place where anybody can experiment and explore patterns and ideas. It is a place where one can find a collection of games, puzzles, and other teaching and learning material. The JAINS Maths Lab provides an opportunity for the students to discover mathematics through doing.

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